Huli Jing in robes

The Amai tribe arrived on Tushandao island shortly after the beginning of the great war. Displaced from their costal village by the turbulence and violence of the conflict, the Amai fled their homeland to find a more peaceful existence. Mostly concerned with trade ,The Amai , care little for the affairs of other nations past the exchanging of coin. They keep to themselves except for the massive market place they have set up on the east coast of the island where foreigners are welcome to come and trade.

The Amai are Huli Jing by ancestry. A Huli Jing has two forms—a single human form and its true form, that of a humanoid fox. In their human forms Huli jing tend toward quickness and lithe beauty. In all forms they possess golden, amber, or brilliant blue eyes. In their true forms, they are covered with a downy coat of auburn fur, although more exotic coloration is possible.

First ring of the city

The Amai government structure is fairly simplistic. Small villages are generally run by a group of elders, while a chieftain rules over the entire tribe from the only real city Jiayi. Jiayi is one of the Largest trading cities in the world.

The city is divided into three rings. The first is poorer crafts men, living in shoddy homes and makeshift stores. The town guard is based here, as to keep crime low. Huge walls separate the first and second rings, so no travelling between is allowed. The second ring is home to the business elite. Wealthy merchants and traders call this abundant garden home. Most homes are built of bamboo with two or three stories and a servant’s chamber. Most of the islands plants and trees have been brought to this ring so the elite can feel the energy of the jungle while remaining in safety. The third and final ring is home to the chieftain and his high priests. The ring contains few buildings other than the Grand Temple.