Giovanni Paolo Panini - Interior of St. Peter's, Rome

Inside Elysian Temple

Elysium is a Elven kingdom to the south of the Eternal Kingdom and east of the Nation of Lee. Elysium is the remains of a Rhodesian Imperial colony. The National government is headed by a senate, which has become all but powerless as the heads of the noble houses can not agree on anything.

The Royal houses run thier domains like petty Kingdoms as the senate holds no real power. The houses and respective leaders are as follows

Dominatius Augustus- House of Augustus

Marcella Longus- House of Longus

Ortho Felix- House of Felix

Severus Octavion- House of Octavion

Tiberius Falco- House of Falco

Hilaria Zextund- House of Zextun

Each of the houses is vying for control of the country and it appears civil war is emminant.