Environment Deadwood by I NetGraFX

Tyre Republic

The Tyre Republic is an offshoot of the country of Lee. Orginally founded by disdents and castoffs from Lee. Tyre was created to get rid of Lee's unwanted people. Tyre has more recently become home to anyone with a bone to pick with Lee. Tyre and Lee have fought several wars, mostly over the rich iron ore seams that run under the country. While currently at peace with Lee a cold war has been underway for several years now and looks to erupt into a hot war.

Tyre is a republic a federal government and state governments being elected by the citizens. Current president is Dr. Quentin Innokey. Tyre military is setup to fight defensively, they relie on choke points to help even the odds agianst Lee's superior numbers. All citizens of military age are required to serve in the military and even after military sevice remain reserve units.